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Conn Clark clark at esteem.com
Sat Mar 2 04:38:33 EST 2002

Norm Legare wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been hacking with Linux as a
> hobby.  I have reached the point where
> a board is needed.  Does anyone know
> a good place to get PPC-based boards
> for hackers?
> Thanks in advance,
> Norm

	Its much more fun to create your own. You'll spend numerous
enjoyable hours shooting yourself in the foot and pulling your
hair out in frustration.

If you really want to buy one instead here is a few places with

http://linux-embedded.com/hardlist.php3  (Note: more than just PPC)

You could try motorola and IBM reference boards.

	If you just want to hack PPC code get a mac and a mac
distribution like Yellow Dog or MacLinux. (Note: You might want to
check the list of compatible models of these distributions before
buying a mac)

Have Fun!!



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