Lite LCD on MBX860

Ken Applebaum applebaumk at
Fri Mar 1 01:48:56 EST 2002

For some reason, this request has come up a lot lately. we make an 860 board
and a video board with an Epson video controller on it.

The 860 does not have video out, but you can certainly attach a video chip
to it. We used the Epson SED1386 which is now called the S1D13806. You can
find the Linux driver at:


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Hi all.
 I wanted to connect a LCD to a MPC823-based board and to use
microwindows too .

Dan Malek answered:
> You aren't going to connect an LCD to the MBX860 and see anything.
> There isn't any LCD controller on the 860.  You need an 823 or
> some external graphics controller.

But what happens when the externel controller is provided?
Is there a LinuxPPC driver for it?
Does the LCD device become such as a character device
(or something like that) that needs a suitable node in /dev
with its own driver to be registered?

I tryed to configure Wolfgang's 2.4.4-2001-11-24 kernel for
TQM860L and while (obviously) there is no LCD driver for
860, the framebuffer is still there...
Does it mean that anyway it is possible to use a LCD with MPC860?
Thank you for any answer!


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