Re. Davicom DM9102A Network Problems

Howard Gray ppclist at
Wed Jul 31 23:50:02 EST 2002

Howard Gray wrote....
>> How can the tulip driver work with the DM9102A at all if the transmit
>> buffers are not guaranteed to be correctly aligned ?

Answering one of my own questions.....

According to a chip errata sheet the DM9102A Rev. 0x40 requires double word
aligned transmit buffers but earlier revisions (e.g. 0x31) didn't. I guess
the tulip driver works well with older revisions only.

But my question still remains: How can I get a double word aligned transmit
buffer using the network core's sk_buff mechanism ? If I can't do that I'll
have to rewrite the driver to use use my own aligned buffers and copy the
sk_buff data to them. It's a pity because then it doesn't make much sense to
follow that with a DMA transfer....

Howard Gray
MATRIX Vision GmbH

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