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akuster akuster at
Wed Jul 31 14:00:07 EST 2002

David Gibson wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 08:02:42AM -0400, Ralph Blach wrote:
>>It has always been my contention the the 4xx should be organized in the
>>following structure
>>This would tree would then reflect the reallity of chip design methodology.
>>the 405 now has many variants
>>so it would be
>>405 Core
>>   Chip
>>      405CR
>>      405GP
>>      Board
>>                 Walnut
>>                  .
>>                  .
>>                  .
>>      NPE405L
>>       .
>>       .
>>       .
> It's not clear to me what you're proposing.  Are you talking about the
> layout of the options, the layout of the .c files in various
> directories or the call structure of the platform initialization code?

Well, the lastest 2.5 model working after having some local discusions is:

board files are in /platforms/4xx such as walnut.*, ebony.*

implimentation files are in /kernel/4xx such as ibm405gp.*, ibm44gp.*,
ppc4xx_* & ppc405_*, I guess head should go there too.

the core files like ibm4xx, ibm405.h & ibm440.h are in include/asm-ppc
as well as ibm_ocp.h

Things like ocp.c and ocp_proc will most likely end up in drivers/ocp
since ocp can support more than just ppc.


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