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Subject: Re: How to get rid of unused data in LKM
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 02:04:53 -0700
From: Dan Taylor <danieltaylor at attbi.com>
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To: Matthias Fuchs <matthias.fuchs at esd-electronics.com>
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Couldn't you do a kernel file open during module_init, store the
PCI device code and close the file?



Matthias Fuchs wrote:

 > Hi Wolfgang,
 >> Why don't you load the firmware using some  ioctl()  _after_  loading
 >> the module?
 > Of course this is a good and definetly the default solution. But our
 > application requires
 > that everything is done by the init function of the module.
 > Life would be boring and mailing list obsolete, if we can always use the
 > default solutions :-)
 >>> But after doing so, the firmware data is still wasting kernel memory
 >>> on the host system
 >>> and is not used anymore.
 >>> How can I free that memory ? Is there a better way to handle that data ?
 >> If you really think you must link the data with the  module:  Declare
 >> it using "__initdata" ?
 > I think that John is right. __initdata only makes sense, when the module
 > is compiled into
 > the kernel. But I will check it again, just to be sure.
 > Matthias

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