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Fri Jul 19 02:54:03 EST 2002

Hi guys,

U are right. U can have two or more than that irq in a
device driver. Let' say if u have

request_irq(irq no(17), handle1.....)
request_irq(irq no(18), handle2.....)
For os it does not matter from where u have
So whenever interrupt 17 will occur handle1 will be
in another case handle2......

So u can always do that...i guess so

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--- Khai Trinh <kqtrinh at> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Can I register two devices irq numbers in a single
> device driver? If that's possible, then I can write
> a
> smart isr to figure out the interrupt is from which
> device and handle the irq accordingly.
> Any inputs would be appreciated...
> Thanks,
> --Khai

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