Poor 8xx SCC Ethernet mode performence..

Jim Lin jimmlin at solomon.com.tw
Tue Jul 16 19:37:39 EST 2002

Hi .

I  was testing SCC ethernet performance at our 850 custom board and found somting interesting.

1. Tested FTP  Transfer about 20MB file with 10T hub  I got  about 250 k bps (someting poor ..)
2. and I found the hhl20 arch/ppc/8xx_io/enet.c source code NOT enable full duplex ..
     and I had  pmsr  added SCC_PMSR_FDE | SCC_PMSR_LPB .. and compiling , tested FTP Transfer again.
     I got about 200 Kbps!

I do not understand what is happen? Has anyone experience this?

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