Problem with PPC 857 MMU

rajib majila rajib.majila at
Mon Jul 15 18:36:39 EST 2002

We are trying to port mvista linux on Power PC 857T based board. We are loading the zImage.initrd file into 0x120000 address and our bootloader looks for an elf file at that address and then copies the kernel into 0x400000 adrress. 
After that the boot-loader jumps to that location and the pro-kernel starts uncompressing the kernel into 0x000000. After that it jumps to 0x0. From head_8xx.S, control is transffered to start_kernel by using a rfi instruction. Our kernel crashes at this location. We would like to hear about any such problem faced by any of you and how you solved the problem. 
We are downloading our boot-loader into the RAM (at 0x100000) using BDM and we run the boot-loader from there as we are
Not able to write the on-board flash.
All the addresses mentioned above RAM physical address.
Thanx a lot in advance for your help.
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