tasklets and waking up sleeping process question

Neil Horman nhorman at lvl7.com
Fri Jul 12 09:38:09 EST 2002

You _can_ do either.  Doing the later however, is more or less re-inventing the
wheel, as the tasklet mechanism is designed specifically so that you can do non
time-sensitive interrupt work (the tasklet runs in interrupt context, but with
interrupts still enabled).  So going to the trouble to create a kernel thread to
  pend on a semaphore to be unlocked by an interrupt handler top-half really
never makes sense, unless you need to be able to move your driver code between a
linux environment and a non-linux environment which doesn't have the concept of
tasklets.  Even then, I'd still suggest that you put your code together in such
a way that when building for linux you use tasklets rather than a whole new
kernel thread.
Hope that helps!

Khai Trinh wrote:

> I have new to Linux. I am reading the Linux device
> driver book second eddition and am trying to make some
> sense out of it.
> I am trying to implement an interrupt handler. From
> the description in the book, it seems that one can go
> about implementing the bottom half either using the
> tasklets method or by waking up a sleeping process in
> the top half interrupt handler.
> Is what I understood correct or I am totally of the
> topics?
> When do you determine which method to implement for an
> interrupt handler?
> Regards,
> --Khai

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