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in message <20020704170753.14420.qmail at> you wrote:
>          My  kernel serial driver for 8260 is able to give bash
> prompt but its not able to read anything from serial console,bash
> prompt is not at all responding

What do ypu expect from me? To guess what you're doing wrong?

>   when i attach the interrupts its gettting hanged all 8 leds are
> glowing ,if temporarily if i  remove the interrupt handler there
> is no problem of all 8 leds problem ,coming to bash prompt but not
> responding
> transmit_chars is happeneing proper but no receive_chars

This can be anything - maybe you just have to disable  hardware  flow
control in your terminal program.

I have absolutely no information about your board  -  do  you  really
assume  I  could  have  any glue what your "all 8 LEDs" could mean? I
have to disappoint you - the quality of my responses  cannot  be  any
better than the information you provide.

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