Kernel panics running from ramdisk

Jim Potter jrp at
Thu Jul 4 05:16:56 EST 2002

I'm building a ramdisk image for use with my embedded SMP ppc system,
and I'm getting pernicious reoccurring (although seemingly random)
kernel panics:

    Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!
     <0>Rebooting in 180 seconds..

Sometimes the panics occur when typing the first command, sometimes
several minutes into the session.

My goal is to assemble a flash-based ramdisk image that is a bit more
full-featured than the minimal ones available in various places.  After
copying and stripping various libraries and binaries from a recent YDL
install I've got one that gzips down to around 3meg, and after running
ldd on everything it looks like the libraries are in all the right
places (/lib & /usr/lib).  I'm passing "init=/bin/sh" to the kernel.

Has anyone found a cause for the "Attempted to kill init" panic that
doesn't involve mis-placed (or missing) libraries?  According to ldd
I've got the libraries sorted out.  Thanks, all.


Jim Potter
45th Parallel Processing

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