BUG: udp socket, getsockopt + setsockopt

David Ashley dash at xdr.com
Wed Jan 30 14:26:56 EST 2002

I forgot to mention it doesn't act the same on my x86 desktop running
linux. I don't recall what version. On my pc there is no trouble.
Oh well.


>When you set SO_RCVBUF with setsockopt, the kernel allocates twice the
>memory you set.  This has something to do with BSD compatibility and
>storing internal kernel structures in the memory allocated for the
>recv buf.  Try getsockopt after you setsockopt.
>This is ostensibly a feature, not a bug.  Search the linux-kernel
>archives for "so_rcvbuf" and "David Miller".  Hint: you probably won't
>convince Dave to change his mind.

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