I2C support for 405GP

Armin Kuster akuster at mvista.com
Wed Jan 30 05:11:32 EST 2002

Matthias Fuchs wrote:
> Hello,
> is anybody working on the I2C driver for the IBM 405GP ?
> The driver was in the 2.4.2 Kernel from Montavista, but it dissapeared
> from the devel tree a long time ago. I tried to take that old sources
> and merged the i2c stuff into a more recent 2.4 devel kernel. It did not work.
> This leads to some questions:
> 1) Is anybody currently workig on this issue ?
> 2) Does anybody have a local working i2c driver for the 405 ?
> 3) Is there a special reason why the i2c support dissapeared ?
> I read sometime ago on the i2c project site, that they care about the 405
> i2c driver. Is this true ?
> Matthias

Yes I do.
1 & 2) yes
3) The I2c drivers are warehoused by the i2c folks.  If you need it ou
can check it out from there.  I am working on coverting the driver to
the ocp format.

-- armin

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