MPC823e Video Framebuffer Driver

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Jan 30 03:34:08 EST 2002

Dear Tord,

in message <001701c1a8df$05796620$2c80a8c0 at> you wrote:
> Does anyone know where to find the source to a MPC823e Video Framebuffer
> driver.


The included driver has been tested on HLD1045, NEC  NL6448AC33,  NEC
NL6448BC20_08, and SHARP LQ64D341 displays.

We have also a version of our SELF package  which  includes  a  small
demo program (just load and display a test image) using Microwindows.
Let  me know if you're interested [I will put it up on our FTP server
anyway, but I have more urgent things to do at the moment].

Hope this helps,

Wolfgang Denk

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