Ramdisk Question

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jan 25 20:00:20 EST 2002

In message <007b01c1a560$3e368b50$1a11efcb at industrialDiv.hanasys.co.kr> you wrote:
> I am porting linux on a custom mpc755 board.
> I used linuxppc_2_4 from montavista rsync,
> and simple-ramdisk.tar.gz from denx ftp.

This ramdisk image was build for MPC8xx systems; I never tested it on
a 75x. It probably does not work there.

You better rebuild your own image with binaries  and  librarioes  for
the 75x; let me know if you have problems.

Wolfgang Denk

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