BDI2000 and failed MMU translations

Gessner, Matt mattg at
Thu Jan 24 09:22:31 EST 2002

It's straight 2_4.  I wasn't stopping at start_kernel though.
I don't have PTBASE set up.

Not sure what I need.
Following some advice from mattl on #mklinux, I'm going to
break at start kernel FIRST, then connect with BDI, then
see if I can look at my data.

THX and Regards,


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> Gessner, Matt wrote:
> > I get a LOT of failed MMU translations reported.
> > Is this b/c I have something misconfigured?
> > I'm running 2.4.18 out of bk on an 860P.
> Is it 2_4 or 2_4_devel?  I'm travelling for about the next
> week, but will check it out when I return (if I can borrow
> a BDI2000 from someone :-).
> Has it worked on previous kernel versions?  If so, which ones?
> Thanks.
> 	-- Dan

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