mpc860 vs. mpc860T

Steven Vacca svacca at
Wed Jan 16 04:55:35 EST 2002

Yes!  Yes!  Success!

I transferred the CONFIG_8xx_CPU6 patches from the
linuxPPC sources into my kernel and that solved my
problems with the old version of the 860T.

"Thanks a quadrillion for your help!"
   \/      <---- Steven

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In message <01C19DA6.994D3370.svacca at> you wrote:
> I did a complete search for CONFIG_8xx_CPU6, and
> truncated variations, in my mpc8xx-2.2.13 kernel, and
> could not find it.  It doesn't show up as a cfg option either.
> Even a grep on CONFIG_8xx doesn't show anything
> resembling that.  Could it be in there and accessible
> in an alternative way?

Sorry, I never checked RH's sources (which are pretty old anyway);  I
have no idea if they provide alternative configuration options.

You can grab some  of  the  other  8xx  enabled  source  trees  (like
MontaVista's  or  ours - see
and extract the necessary changes (or compare if they _are_ available
in your RH code, but under a different name.

There are only 4 files affected:


Hope this helps,

Wolfgang Denk

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