mpc860 vs. mpc860T

Steven Vacca svacca at
Wed Jan 16 01:25:39 EST 2002

I did a complete search for CONFIG_8xx_CPU6, and
truncated variations, in my mpc8xx-2.2.13 kernel, and
could not find it.  It doesn't show up as a cfg option either.
Even a grep on CONFIG_8xx doesn't show anything
resembling that.  Could it be in there and accessible
in an alternative way?


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Dear Steven,

in message <01C19DA2.0031A1C0.svacca at> you wrote:
> My 860T rev is:  duht-duhduh-duuuuuhh: XPC860TZP50B3  :>(
> I guess that means I'll need some workarounds.


> My embedded linux kernel is Redhat's mpc8xx-2.2.13, so
> maybe porting in some workarounds might not be too painful.
> Could I please get access to your workarounds, Magnus?

Ummm... the CONFIG_8xx_CPU6 kernel  configuation  option  (workaround
for  CPU6  Silicon  Errata  (860  Pre  Rev.  C  et  al.)) was already
available with 2.2.13 kernels;  you  may  check  it  RH  bothered  to
include it. If so, just enable it.

Hope that helps,

Wolfgang Denk

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