Crash in serial_console_setup

Gessner, Matt mattg at
Thu Jan 10 07:10:37 EST 2002

Howdy, all,

I'm experiencing something rather odd.  My machine dies
on line 2956 of uart.c, which reads:

	bdp->cbd_bufaddr = __pa(mem_addr);

The assembler instruction being executed is a
	stw		r0,4(r11)

R11 contains 0xFF002800.

If I let it run, and then look at the trace w/ my BDI
and gdb, I'm in a panic from what looks like a page fault.

My IMMR is setup for 0xFF00xxxx.

Can anyone make any suggestions on what to check out?
The BDI?

I'm using the main source from bitkeeper, linuxppc_2_4.
It just got patched for a Data TLB miss error.

Thanks in advance.



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