Question on the pcmcia module for ppc

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Mon Jan 7 14:21:55 EST 2002

Hi, Matthew and all,
The MPC 857T is just the same as MPC 860T, except some little revisions.
The linux we used is hhl 2.0, lsp for RPXLite.
MPC 857T ran at 50MHZ and the bus frequency is 50MHZ.
I set this value as follow:
#define M8XX_BUSFREQ (50 * 1000000)

Am I mising anything here?
Thanks a lot

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Liu HongXun-a16975 wrote:

> Hi, all,
> I worked on the PCMCIA module for my MPC 857T based board.
> I downloaded the pcmcia-cs 3.1.29 and modified the file modules/m8xx_pcmcia.c.
> My board uses the SLOT B. What I did are just like the (F)ADS and RPXLite.
> I compiled the resulted pcmcia module and loaded them into linux kernel using "insmod".
> 1. insmod pcmcia_core.o
> 2. insmod m8xx_pcmcia.o
> 3. insmod ds.o
> Here comes the problem.
> When I inserted ds.o, the driver tells me that "cs: socket 0 timed out during reset"
> I looked through the source code and the debug info.
> I found that a lot of the same messages as follows:
> GetStatus(0) = 0x190
> ...
> Such info come from m8xx_pcmcia.c/m8xx_get_status. It seems that someone
> is not satisfied with the above return value and " get status " again and again.
> Then it quit.
> Any suggestions are highly appreciated!
> Thanks a lot

I'm not familiar with the 857T pcmcia, perhaps the timing is different.
 Check the timing calculation functions against the 857T UM.

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