Question on the pcmcia module for ppc

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Hi, Peter and all,
Could you give me some more detailed hints?
The return value from m8xx_get_status()/m8xx_pcmcia.c is 0x190, which means
the current status of the PCMCIA card is : SS_POWERON + SS_DETECT + SS_BATDEAD.
It seems that the problem coming from SS_BATDEAD.
In function m8xx_get_status()/m8xx_pcmcia.c, there are the following statements:
	if (s->state.flags & SS_IOCARD)
		*value |= (pipr & M8XX_PCMCIA_BVD1(_slot_)) ? SS_STSCHG : 0;
	else {
		*value |= (pipr & M8XX_PCMCIA_RDY(_slot_)) ? SS_READY : 0;
		*value |= (pipr & M8XX_PCMCIA_BVD1(_slot_)) ? SS_BATDEAD : 0;
		*value |= (pipr & M8XX_PCMCIA_BVD2(_slot_)) ? SS_BATWARN : 0;
My card is a Prism2 WLAN card, a IOCARD. Why  "(s->state.flags  & SS_IOCARD)"
returns FALSE?
Who should set the s->state.flags to state this is a IO CARD, not a memory only card?

As to the IO space, I defined

#define  _IO_BASE              0x80000000
#define  _IO_BASE_SIZE   0x1000
in the header file for my board.
And I use ioremap() in function  arch/ppc/mm/init.c/MMU_init().
ioremap( _IO_BASE, _IO_BASE_SIZE);
Is that OK for PCMCIA IO base access?

Thanks a lot

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Liu HongXun-a16975 wrote:
> When I inserted ds.o, the driver tells me that "cs: socket 0 timed out during reset"
> I looked through the source code and the debug info.
> I found that a lot of the same messages as follows:
> GetStatus(0) = 0x190
> ...
> Such info come from m8xx_pcmcia.c/m8xx_get_status. It seems that someone
> is not satisfied with the above return value and " get status " again and again.
> Then it quit.

To look at it a different way - the driver was unhappy with the value of
the first inb() on an address in the card's I/O space.

My first guess (been there myself) is that inb() and outb() aren't
working to your card's I/O space.

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