Oddness: booting and debugging

Gessner, Matt mattg at aiinet.com
Sat Jan 5 03:28:24 EST 2002

Hi, all,

For a couple of weeks now, my kernel (2.4-15) has been working
fine.  I went away for the holiday (egads), and now things are acting

In start_kernel, the 'printk(linux_banner)' all of a sudden is not working.

The previous kernel I'd built ran for 14+ days, and in that time I'd
it several times w/ no problems, loading and testing modules.

You'll ask: "Well, what did you change?"  In the last 15 days, the only
C files that have changed are my modules, which aren't loaded until I
FTP them over.

The header files have changed lots, because of make deps, when I was
trying to figure all this out.

Now, when I debug this, I have 'MMU XLAT' set in my BDI2000.
But I do get lots of messages from the BDI about "*** MMU: address
translation for 0x------- failed" when I do the debugging.

Why is that?  I set CFLAGS_KERNEL to -g only, not the general CFLAGS.

Can anyone provide any insight as to why this would, all of a sudden,
stop working?



Matt Gessner

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