omniorb 3 on linuxppc howto

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Jan 4 15:16:43 EST 2002

my colleague Steve and I are trying out Corba on x86 linux
desktops and embedded Hard Hat 2.0 linux on embedded ppc405.
He's putting together a recipe for how to compile Omniorb3
for both environments and run the omniorb echo example between
them.  A first draft of the recipe is at
Maybe it will be useful for others trying to use Corba on the ppc.
(It also contains our script for building gcc3.02.  Yes, I know 3.03
is out... we'll switch soon.)

We're having a problem, though; the servant dies with an exception
if run on the ppc.  We don't yet have a debugger on our ppc system
-- that's next -- so who knows what the issue is.  The client
works fine on the ppc, so we're at least partway there.
Suggestions cheerfully accepted :-)

- Dan

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