Adding monochrome support for 823e

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Aug 30 02:26:07 EST 2002

In message <E1836A7F3557D311A14000805F9F36FC0141C860 at> you wrote:
> I've completed the kernel work for using the 832e in monochrome mode. It
> requires changes to drivers/video/fbcmap.c. You need to add a palette for
> it's monochrome mode that looks like:


> Then you have to do some work in arch/ppc/8xx_io/lcd832.c where indicated.
> Without the work above, you may get garbage. I don't think you'd ever get
> right output.

We have support for monochrome LCD in our kernel source tree (see the
CONFIG_EDT32F10 configuration, as used by teh R360MPI board). We  did
not need any changes to drivers/video/fbcmap.c.

> I just wanted to get this out there so it goes in the archives.

I guess to get anything into the  "archives"  you  should  prepare  a
proper patch (including against which kernel version you built it).

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