Serial port on IcePlanet

Steven Blakeslee BlakesleeS at
Sat Aug 24 01:13:19 EST 2002

This is code that I wrote to set up the second uart.  I used Metrowerks 6.0
to compile it.

void setUpOtherUart()

	unsigned char* uart = (unsigned char*)0xef600400;
	unsigned char* bcsr3    = (unsigned char*)0xF4000003;
	int k = 11059200 / (16 * 9600);

    uart[3]       |= 0x80;        // set lcr[DLAB] divisor latch access bit
    uart[0] =  k &  0xFF;   // set LSB of divisor
    uart[1] =  k >> 8;      // set MSB of divisor
    uart[3]       |=~0x80;        // clear lcr[DLAB] divisor latch access

    uart[3]     = 0x03;           // 8 bit, 1 stop, no parity
    uart[4]     = 0x03;           // DTR and RTS active.
    uart[2] = 0x01;           // 16550 Fifo enabled.

    uart[0] |= 0x10;


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Has anybody got the second serial port working on the
Iceplanet (405pc processor)? The second serial port doesn't have
DCD and RI pins on it. Does this mean that the standard serial
driver will not work for it?

Thanx for reading,

- navin.


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