Restructuring of ibm_ocp_enet driver

akuster akuster at
Thu Aug 22 03:20:28 EST 2002

David Gibson wrote:
> The patch below make some first steps to restructuring the
> ibm_ocp_enet driver to separate drivers for the EMAC and MAL
> components.  This is necessary to sanely allocate the various IRQs.
> It will also be necessary to sanely incorporate the driver into the
> unified device model.
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I don't see any probelms with this for 2.5.
I would like to see these changes done for *devel and it should just
easely drop in since I didn't see anything UDM specific.  I would like
to keep  delta between 2.4 and 2.5 to a minimum if at all possible. :)
Devel will benefit from this patch because if anyone added support for
the HDLC , I would assume it would be done in 2_4_devel and not in 2.5
at this time.


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