cygwin and embedded linux

John Fisher John.Fisher at
Wed Aug 21 17:58:54 EST 2002

Is anyone seriously trying to do embedded Linux development for power PC
using Cygwin as the host?

I'm trying to get linux running on proprietary MPC850/860/8260 boards. I'll
start with either the 850 or the 860 board as I'm more familiar with these
processors than with the 8260.

I have the Macraigor blackbird BDM interface for the MPC850/860. I have both
an Agilent ethernet based probe and the Wind River Vision Probe II for the

All boards will be running with plenty of flash and RAM: 16MB and 32MB
respectively for both the 850 and 860 boards. They will be running with no
disk drive, no monitor and a serial port on SCC3.

I may have real time requirements, but this is yet to be determined.

This is a learning exercise at this stage.

John Fisher
NEC Australia Pty Ltd

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