request_irq() bug in ENET driver?

David Gibson david at
Wed Aug 21 14:52:59 EST 2002

This code comes from ppc405_enet_open():

	if (!(get_mal_dcrn(fep->mal, DCRN_MALTXCASR))) {
 		request_irq(BL_MAC_WOL,ppc405_eth_wakeup,0,"OCP EMAC Wakeup",dev);
		request_irq(BL_MAL_SERR,ppc405_eth_serr,0,"OCP EMAC MAL SERR",dev);
		request_irq(BL_MAL_TXDE,ppc405_eth_txde,0,"OCP EMAC TX DE ",dev);

		request_irq(BL_MAL_RXDE,ppc405_eth_rxeob,0,"OCP EMAC RX DE",dev);

		request_irq(BL_MAL_TXEOB,ppc405_eth_txeob,0,"OCP EMAC TX EOB",dev);
		request_irq(BL_MAL_RXEOB,ppc405_eth_rxeob,0,"OCP EMAC RX EOB",dev);

ppc405_eth_rxeob is being registed twice, both for the MAL_RXEOB and
for the MAL_RXDE interrupts, and ppc405_eth_rxde() is registered
never.  Is there a reason for this, or is it just a bug?

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