440 PCI adapter card DMA question

Khai Trinh kqtrinh at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 17 04:39:15 EST 2002


Welcome back to the ppc mailing list. I would like
your answer to my question really bad on the topic of
mapping the PCI bus DMA address to the PLB address
space for setting up the 440GP DMA. I don't have the
email I sent you anymore.

On one of your response email to me, you said the
440GP maps PCI<->PLB 1:1 and I can use the PCI bus
address directly as a PLB address to program the 440GP
DMA controller.

The thing is that the DMA high and low register only
allows 36-bit programming whereas the PCI bus address
given to me by the Host is 64-bit.

Don't I have to manually setup the PCI-PLB mapping
before I can program the DMA controller? OR the 440
kernel has already handle that?

Your comment and response are very important and

Thanks again,

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