Embedded Planet 405Gp booting

Brian Waite waite at skycomputers.com
Sat Aug 17 00:23:18 EST 2002

Hi all,
Sorry if this is stupid question, but I am trying to revive and Embedded
planet 405 GP board with Linux. Someone else got it booting and has since
lost the .config.I am trying to re-create this with little work. I am using
PPCBoot 1.1.4 and have been working with the linuxppc_2_4_devel tree (kernel
version 2.4.19-rc3. PPCboot is fine, but once it jumps into the kernel I get
nothing. Looking at the log_buf in memory it looks like it is taking a kernel
stack overflow exception. Am I just doing sometinhg  stupid? It feels like I
have a bad option or lack thereof in my .config? I am attaching it just for
fun. If anyone has a working .config for this board that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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