First steps to OCP device model integration

akuster akuster at
Sat Aug 10 05:41:29 EST 2002

David Gibson wrote:
> THe patch below implements the first steps in transitioning the
> handling of 4xx OCP devices to the unfied device model (in 2.5).  So
> far the code just registers an ocp bus and registers each device
> described in core_ocp on that bus.  The next step is to convert the
> actual device drivers so that that they register with the unified
> driver tree rather than through the old ocp_register() mechanism.
> I will commit this shortly unless there are serious objections.

I object seriously.

  Some of what you have might be useful.:) OCP is not just for 4xx.  In
fact the name may need to change.  I have been working on overhalling
this interface and testing the ideas before having a review of the
changes.  I am on the hook to Paul and others to get this out in the
open to discuss and am not ready.  So if you could just relax and wait I
would appriciate it.  I would rather see the 2.5 kernel boot on a few
4xx boards


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