/dev/flash and MTD

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Aug 10 05:33:08 EST 2002

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> To enable MTD on a board, do we still need /dev/flash? In other words,

No, this is not needed for MTD.  It's  an  alternative  interface  to
access  flash  memory; we mostly keep it for compatibility with older
projects, and because it provides some nice features like allowing to
mmap() the flash (RO).

> is there any relationship between /dev/flash and MTD? I found that only
> on Denx distribution of 2.4.4 there is such a device '/dev/flash'. Thanks.

These are two independend solutions to the task of  providing  access
to  flash  memory;  MTD is superior when you also need a block device

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