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Fri Aug 9 17:15:05 EST 2002

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> With GDB-5.2, after adding symbols, GDB can't find
> line numbers for my module source code.  However
> 'powerpc-linux-objdump -S -l fs/fat/fat.o' shows line
> numbers just fine.  Wolfgang, on your page you used
> GDB-5.1.1.  Ever see this problem?

We saw, and fixed, this, and other problems.

The GDB that comes with our ELDK contains a couple of bug  fixes  and

- module debugging: there were some issues, including the problem you

- thread support: you can use our GDB / gdbserver to debug
  multi-threaded applications

- gdbserver with "remote shell" extension: you  can  use  our  GDB  /
  gdbserver  to  execute commands on the target, for example in cases
  where you don;t have a login or other shell running

- gdbserver in "server mode": you can start our gdbserver as a "real"
  server, i. e. without a process to debug, and use it later to
  attach to _any_ running process(es) onthe target

  For example, on a couple of systems we start a gdbserver  from  the
  inittab,  and  if we suspect a process goes haywire we use "rsh ps"
  to run the "ps" command on the  target  to  get  the  PIDs  of  the
  running  processes, and then we use "attach <pid>" to attach to the
  suspect process

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