i2c on mpc824x

Jerry Van Baren vanbaren_gerald at si.com
Thu Aug 8 04:29:33 EST 2002

The MPC8260 and 824x I2C are definitely different.  Also, I doubt that the
DINK32 implementation is suitable for anything other than an example of how
to use the I2C interface.  The PPCBoot implementation is a hacked together
glue piece that makes the DINK32 pieces sort of work.  Ugly, ugly, ugly.


At 02:04 PM 8/7/2002 -0400, Mark A. Greer wrote:

>acurtis at directvinternet.com wrote:
> > > I noticed that ppcboot has the mpc824x i2c working now. They lifted
> > > Motorola's DINK32 driver and hacked it in.
> > >
> > > Is anyone working to bring mpc824x i2c support to the linux kernel?
>Not at this time that I am aware of.
> > There is mpc8260 support, is that significantly different?
>I believe so.

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