Problems with I2C reads

Keith Outwater Keith_Outwater at
Sat Aug 3 06:36:13 EST 2002

Greetings all -

I am trying to talk to an I2C device (Analog Devices AD9888) using the
MPC860 CPM I2C interface from userland.
Writes work fine, but the chip requires a strange write-read sequence
for reading back registers.  For example, to read a register:

Start signal
Slave address (r/w/ bit = write)
Register address
Start signal
Slave address (r/w/ bit = read)
Read register data
Stop signal

Note that there is no stop between the write and the read.  If you put a
stop in, the chip will not acknowledge the read, so using /dev/i2c-0
with write() and read() does not work.

I tried using the ioctl() interface and passed I2C_RDWR to try to
suppress the stop command between messages, but it does not seem to work
(checked it on a scope).
I looked at the ioctl() handler for I2C_RDWR and it was not clear to me
whether that particular ioctl option should work with a write-read
sequence or not.  As far as I can tell it does not work.
I looked for other ways to do this, but found nothing.

Has anyone used I2C like this before? Any hints or suggestions?


Keith Outwater
Senior Staff Engineer
Microvision, Inc.
(425) 415-6693

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