cannot execute zimage

bhupinder sahran bhup_sah at
Sat Aug 3 03:03:26 EST 2002

It's very tough to find out from the information u
have provided.
After downloading the kernel.
First u have to set ur cross compiler path in Makfile.
Thne u have to give make xconfig to configure the
Then configure the kernel acc. to ur requirement.
Then give make clean, make dep ,make zImage...
U may have some luck.


--- vandana  mehtani
<vandana_mehtani123 at> wrote:
> hi all,
> i ahve downoaded the ppc kernel source version 2.4.2
> from
> when i do a make bzimage...
> there goes this problem.
> cannot execute shell scripts..
> it doesnot recognize any tokens of the shell
> scripts..
> where cld the possible problems lie.
> i am using a cross compiler gcc for powerpc and want
> to port it
> onto the FADS board.
> thanks all
> regards
> vandana
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