Problems with mount system call -- cannot mount procfs!

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Aug 1 05:49:02 EST 2002

In message <3D483468.CB6DAE54 at> you wrote:
> I checked out my ppcboot early_init.S and the ppcboot startup files.
> In ppcboot-1.1.4/cpu/mpc824x/start.S
> I remove this code with an ifdef:
> #if !defined(CONFIG_MUSENKI) && !defined(CONFIG_BMW)
> And then rebuilt and boot linux-2.4.19-rc3 (latest rsync from yesterday)!

Well, and what was the result?

> Does the setup code above work on Sandpoint, or another MPC824x system?

Sure. It works here on SP8240, and on CU824 boards (both with 8240 CPUs).

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