[PATCH]for multiple 4xx boards

andrew may acmay at acmay.homeip.net
Tue Apr 30 11:40:01 EST 2002

This is a first cut on just getting things to compile, link and boot
correctly to support multiple 405 board types in the same kernel.

The basic idea is to change the functions in ppc4xx_setup so they
are defaults or helper functions. So ppc4xx_setup does not make calls
to board_xxx functions instead the board functions are called from
ppc_md.xx directly and they may call ppc4xx functions if needed.

The intention is that things can still be build for just one board
if wanted, but some things will have to change in each board file.
The walnut.c is at least done but I can't test the other so I would
prefer for someone else to do/test those.

The multi405.c file will also switch the OpenBIOS bd_t stucture
to a PPCBoot bd_t struct so the same build can support both the
OpenBIOS and PPCBoot. You still need to do both the zImage and
pImage though.

The mkimage.wrapper & arch/ppc/kernel/setup.c parts of the patch can
be ignored. I don't really want the snic.c/h files included yet but
I have include them as a refrence.

We really should be able to get the board type from bootloader but
right now we just check some things in walnut_setup and snic_probe
to see if that board type matches.
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