Status on 405GP i2c driver

andrew may acmay at
Wed Apr 24 11:38:18 EST 2002

On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 04:05:48PM -0700, Matt Porter wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 02:16:01PM -0700, andrew may wrote:
> >
> > It looks like this question was lasted asked around Jan/Feb, but
> > I have not seen an update on the status recently.
> >
> > I have looked at the i2c-2.6.3 and I am reluctant to spend any
> > time working on it since it needs to go through some formating
> > changes to get rid of the C++ style comments. I don't want to
> > deal with a merge issues of doing a style change unless I know
> > it will go in.
> I pushed a modified version of Armin's latest updated patch in.
> I'd love to see the C-- comments go away but I'm too lazy to play
> with it beyond testing it on my platform.  If anybody sends patches
> that clean up some more of the ugliness then I'll push them in.

I have just started to use BK and this does provide an interesting
test. I had started to merge the stuff in steps before you did your
push. So here are some bk export's -tpatch of what I tried. I go
lazy on the merge of the last Makefile and I thing I screwed it up.

i2c-2.6.3.patch is a patch to bring this up to the i2c 2.6.3 level.
i2c-2.6.3-405.patch adds the 405 files in 2.6.3
i2c-2.6.3-armin.patch is Armin's patch without the file rename.
i2c-merge1 & 2 should be just file mv's but I didn't do it too

They are too big for one post and I don't have a spot to post
them. So I will try seperate emails.

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