What does Montavista Linux gives you in addition to standard Linux ?

Cort Dougan cort at fsmlabs.com
Wed Apr 24 05:23:09 EST 2002

There are a number of advantages to using Linux in embedded applications -
regardless of what MontaVista has or has not done.  They are not embedded
Linux, they just use it.  Don't judge all of embedded Linux by one company.

Do you mean Linux for realtime applications?  There are many low-latency
style projects to improve standard linux real-time performance along with
FSMLabs RTLinux hard-realtime work.  There's a lot to choose from no matter
what your needs are.

} I thought that Montavista had really improved the realtime of Linux,
} but i've been told that Montavista has only improved realtime for threads
} and for SMP.
} It means it is only interesting if you have only one process per CPU, with
} a lot of threads inside it.
} Is that right ?
} If it is right, I can't see any interest of using Linux for embedded
} systems.

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