405GP i2c slave handling

Michael Baumann miba at peppercon.de
Tue Apr 23 19:25:45 EST 2002


   I am trying to get i2c slave behaviour to work (currently only
   writes to our device) but run into some problems:
   When reading/writing with two of our boards everything works
   fine, but when working with the device I actually want to address
   (an IPMI BMC on an Intel SDS2 Board) the first bytes are received
   correctly, but after this the BMC sends the message again and (the
   most strange one) before this I get my own address byte in the
   slave receive buffer, which absolutely should not happen.
   So I guess our device behaves wrong in some way while
   receiving/acknowledging the bytes. I am using the 405 IIC
   interface, not the direct control of clock/data.

   Did anyone work with i2c as slave and/or has some hints for me?


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