MPC8240 PTE setup

Dan Malek dan at
Tue Apr 23 05:49:06 EST 2002

Robert Morin wrote:

> I have based my work on the Linux kernel 2.5.8 ....

You don't want to use that yet :-)  Use the 2_4_devel kernel.

> ....I can see with my BDI2000 that the
> MMU is not translating correctly virtual addresses to physical
> addresses.

The mmu always translates correctly, your programming of it
is probably incorrect :-)

> .... I made a patch to use a BAT instead of PTE but
> this cause only to move the problem further upstream

What BAT did you change, and to what?

> I have check the parameter passed with ioremap() and it's
> ok. With the BDI2000, I get this with the phys command:
> 	phys 0xfdfd0000          (virtual address returned by ioremap)
> 	PHYS = 0xfffff000	END = 0xffffffff
> instead of
> 	PHYS 0xfdf40000 END = 0xfdffffff

So, you did 'virt = ioremap(0xfdf40000)' and virt == 0xfdfd0000?
Where did you call ioremap()?  Are you trying to remap the EUMB registers
again (this is done in mpc10x_common.c for 82xx boards)?

	-- Dan

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