MPC8xx and IDMA !?!?

Dan Malek dan at
Sat Apr 20 04:15:25 EST 2002

Steven Scholz wrote:

> So my workaround for now is to allocate more than I need and correct the
> value for IBASE like
> 	ibase += ibase % 16
> Could anyone think of a better solution? Since I waste at least 16 bytes
> in the DPRAM.

That's the way I always did it on 8xx.  For 8260, I added a second alignment
parameter to dpram_alloc().  If the address it would return isn't properly
aligned, it will waste sufficient memory behind your back to make this
happen :-)  At least it won't waste any if you align and the sizes are
modulo the alignment.

> Where is Wolfgangs m8xx_cpm_dpfree() !?!?

Sitting in my basket of things to do.  I wanted to add the alignment
to the 8xx as well, and this complicates the free function because it
doesn't know alignment was done with the region you may have allocated.

	-- Dan

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