Magnus Damm damm at opensource.se
Sat Apr 20 01:15:24 EST 2002

Throw it away, please!

It was a hack done by people on my department when I was working
on Ericsson here in Sweden. We used it to capture packets and
forward them to a closed-source module where further processing
was made. The option should have been removed a long time ago.

I'm pretty confused about all sources and everything, if someone
would point me to what sources are affected, then I will make
some patches.

Thanks /


Michael Fischer wrote:
> Hello,
> just looked into the 8xx fec.c sources of 2.4.18 tree and discovered there
> is a CONFIG_FEC_PACKETHOOK option. Couldnt find any further information
> about it, not even the included linux/pkthook.h file. Has anyone more
> information what this is for? Is this outdated, not finished yet...?
> Thanks for any information,
> Best regrads, Michael

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