library optimizer issues

murali venkateshaiah mvenkat_ml at
Thu Apr 18 08:11:19 EST 2002


I am trying to use HardHat Journeyman edition (without
x86 tools)...hence the need to use library opt in
public domain and I cannot seem to get it going..

I copied the scripts libindex, libopt into ~home/bin
along with objdump and nm for x86

1. how do I create the path/index and build scripts?
   what is the procedure to build the path/index

   target/ - src directory
   /bin /lib  - 2 dirs with utils in bin, libraries in

   newtarget/ - new dest directory

   libopt -s -d newtarget -s target - seems to run and
produce output as below.

2. I turned on optdebug in libopt and I see this
output below, the self.optimizer always returns None.
Resolve target/lib/
_dl_check_map_versions GLIBC_2.2 None
Resolve target/lib/
__key_encryptsession_pk_LOCAL GLIBC_2.1
Resolve target/lib/
__libc_internal_tsd_get GLIBC_2.0 None
Resolve target/lib/ _res GLIBC_2.0 None

Does this say anything? Is step-1 the issue?

3. If I were to create the index manually for a huge
project with  many .o's seems pretty hard to do
that, not knowing all the shlibs might be using.

Since I might build .os for a whole project heirarchy,
how can I figure out the .o's I need for each
sharedlib (eg glibc-2.2.5) for libindex?  How do I use
libindex to create the indexes ?

Any help is very appreciated. Thanks.
mvenkat_ml at

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