Does anyone port m8xx_pcmcia driver to Linux Kernel successfully?

Conn Clark clark at
Thu Apr 18 03:11:53 EST 2002

Jacky Wang wrote:
> Conn,
> hmm......
> sounds good.
> but, I am a newbie about programming with linux kernel and MPC850.
> Could you tell me which kernel release and how to port it smoothly?

	We are using kernel 2.2.13 and pcmcia card services 3.1.10 .
Unfortunately our hardware is proprietary and doesn't have a full pcmcia
interface. I had to comment out all the voltage detect and such. Other
than that I just followed the instructions that came with the mpc8xx
patch file. The patch used to be availible from montavista's ftp site
isn't any more.

here is some help full notes.



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