Source & status of usb drivers for mpc823 & mpc850

Chirag Kantharia chyrag at
Wed Apr 17 02:10:37 EST 2002

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Please excuse me for asking something that might seem obvious.

I have been reading a few score of messages on this topic & still
found a central, official-looking repository for these drivers.  I have
 picked up Brad Parker's m8xxhci.c from and read the
 that it's no longer available on the bitkeeper site and not in the 2.5
 kernel sources.  I also noticed the copyright date is 2000 for the

What would you say is the current status of the code (under
alpha, unstable, etc.)?  Are there also other promising GPL or
licensed USB drivers for these processors?

I have searched the Motorola site looking for microcode patches, but
come up with nothing.  Do you know where I can get them along with
the information about which processors need them?

I guess I may just have to try m8xxhci.c.  It looks like people have
got it
 to work on some of Embedded Planet the boards we are working with,
 the RPX Lite 823 and 850.


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