problem with __init and __initdata modifiers in 2.4.19pre6

Neil Horman nhorman at
Sat Apr 13 00:10:20 EST 2002

hey all!
	I just downloaded the 2.4.19pre6 kernel from bitkeeper and I'm having some
build issues.  My compilation fails on line 35 of do_mounts.c.  I've done some
tinkering and I can only seem to resolve the problem if I remove the __initdata
attribute from the mount_initrd variable.  If I do this I clear up that error,
but I bomb out again on the next symbol to be flagged as either __init or
__initdata.  Has anyone had a simmilar experience with this kernel, and If so,
what did you do to fix it, as I'm kinda stumped here.  If it matters I'm using
gcc 2.95.3.  Thanks a bunch!
Neil :)

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