MPC5xx now with MMU

Geir Frode Raanes geirfrs at
Fri Apr 12 20:42:15 EST 2002

Has anyone kept an eye on the Motorola Automotive PowerPC group
lately? Apparently their line is upgraded with parts with MMU:

At the bottom there is now a MGT5100 PowerPC chip that has lots of
System-on-a-chip goodies, like DDR, 100Base-T, USB, PCI and an ATA
port. At 250 MHz. So unless one really need the QICC serial ports,
this is a interesting part indeed. The User Manual claims 603
conformity and lists Linux among its operation systems support -
but is this the doing of 'our' developers or is it an Motorola SPS
port? Or does it just lend on the fact that 603 itself is supported?

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