sporadic kernel panic during boot (MPC8xx, FEC)

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Fri Apr 12 19:03:58 EST 2002

> > >No.  -rv2.4.18 got you 2.4.18 from kernel.org, no PPC changes at all.
> > You mean it's identical to linux-2.4.18.tar.gz from kernel.org?
> Yes.

Yes. Indeed. I just compared the two trees and got

/opt/linuxppc > dircmp -s devel_2_4_18 linux
2002-04-12 10:18       Comparison of devel_2_4_18 linux        Seite

different       ./fs/binfmt_elf.c
different       ./net/ipv4/udp.c

But I am still not sure if I understand what that means. Is there a
FAQ/README/HowTo about the LinuxPPC/Bitkeeper/Versionnumbering

Which ChangeSet or Tag stands for a stable PPC kernel?

Which ChangeSet equals (with regard to functionality) the official
linux-2.4.18 from kernel.org?

Does the ChangesSet 1.900 (which is shortly after Tag 2.4.18) contain
all the stuff that's in the offical kernel?



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